Homemade Roscón de Reyes

This year I followed the recipe of Sandy's roscón, the recipe for happiness, I love his blog and all his recipes seem very original to me.
He made the recipe in thermomix and I assure you that it is very easy and with a result more than good. I liked it very much, the dough is handled very well and in addition you do not need a knife to cut it.

I hope that the Kings bring you many little things but that you are very happy!

A big kiss

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Homemade Rosco de Reyes

For flavored icing sugar:
120 grs. of normal sugar
The skin of half a lemon
The skin of a half orange

For the sourdough (we will have all the ingredients at room temperature):

70 grs. of milk
10 grs. fresh baking yeast (or a sachet of dry)
1 teaspoon of sugar
130 grs. of strength flour

For the dough (we will have all the ingredients at room temperature):

60 grs. of milk
70 grs. of butter
2 medium eggs
15 grs. of fresh baker's yeast (or a sachet of dry)
20 grs. of orange blossom water
450 grs. of strength flour
A pinch of salt
Whipped cream to fill

With the glass and the blades very dry we pulverize the sugar and program 30 seconds, progressive speed 5-10.
We add the skins of lemon and orange through the jar and programmed 15 seconds at a progressive speed of 5-10. We remove to a bowl and reserve.
We put all the ingredients of the sourdough in the glass and program 15 seconds at speed 4. We remove from the glass and form a ball on the countertop. Fill the glass of the Thermomix with warm water and introduce the ball into it. When the ball of dough floats and doubles its volume, it will be ready. We reserve and empty the glass.
We put in the glass the flavored icing sugar that we had reserved, the ingredients of the dough except the butter, and finally, the dough mother. We program 30 seconds at speed 6.
We knead 3 minutes, glass closed, speed spike. The dough will move in a ball.
Schedule another 3 minutes, closed glass, spike speed, and add butter through the jar. Let the dough rest in the glass, until it comes out of the jar, I've had it for about 3 hours.
We knead again inside the glass, programming 1 minute , closed glass, spike speed.
We took the dough out of the glass and formed balls of about 50-70 grams, mine of 60 grs.
We place them on the oven tray covered with vegetable paper, forming a circle and with a finger between them.