Nougat and chocolate mousse cake

This cake is what I did to my eldest son for his 25th birthday that was the 31st, double celebration and I spent the whole day in the kitchen, but it was worth it, they congratulated me all as good as it was and I got wider than long.
I have copied the recipe from Canecositas, although I have tuned it a bit and I have done it in a conventional way.

Nougat mousse cake and chocolate


10 sponge biscuits
100 grs. chocolate covered and 20 grs. of butter

Nougat mousse:

200 grs. of soft nougat
500 grs. of cream to assemble
6 leaves of gelatin
50 grs. of milk
A good jet of cognac

Chocolate mousse:

400 grs. of cream to mount
1 tablet of chocolate Nestlé desserts
3 egg whites
100 grs. of milk plus another 50 grs.
5 sheets of gelatine

Preparation of the base:

Crush the chocolate and reserve.
Crush the biscuits and add the chocolate and the melted butter, mix everything until it is well integrated.
Place a 20 cm hoop on top of the plate where we are going to serve the cake and line the base with the chocolate mixture. frigo

Preparation of nougat mousse:

Put the gelatin leaves in soaking in cold water.
We mount the cream very cold and reserve in the refrigerator .
In a cup we put 50 grams. of milk and we take a good splash of cognac, heat it in the microwave for 40 seconds and dilute in this liquid the leaves of gelatin well drained.
We chop the nougat and crush it with this liquid, it is a cream similar to the sweet of milk but less thick.
Mix with the whipped cream with enveloping movements

Prepare the chocolate mousse:

Mount the whipped cream and the whites and reserve in the frigo.
Melt the chocolate in the bain-marie or in the microwave, in pieces. I do it in the microwave.
Soak the gelatin leaves in the 50 grs. cold milk. We heat the 100 grams. remaining milk until almost boiling, we take the gelatin hydrated and stir until it is well dissolved.
We add the melted chocolate and mix well.
Let it temper a bit so as not to cut the cream. of chocolate with whites and cream and mix well with wraparound movements

Cake assembly:

We put chocolate mousse in the center of the base and we spread around the nougat mousse and the remaining chocolate mousse on top.
We put in the fridge for a few hours, better from one day to the next.
I decorated it with grated chocolate and chocolate coins.Preview