This bread mold is of all those that I have done until now the one that I liked the most and with my new mold for bread it is beautiful. The recipe I copied from La casita verde and is kneaded with the thermomix. In bread maker it is perfect too.
The mold, in case you are interested I bought it in The bakery.

Mold bread

200 grs. of water
75 ml. of cream (I have put milk)
10 grs. of butter
5 grs. of salt and 5 grs. of honey
1 spoonful of soy lecithin
1 packet of dry yeast Maizena
550 grs. of flour of force
130 grs. of liquid sourdough

Pour the water, cream, soy lecithin, butter and honey into the glass of the thermomix, set 1 minute, 37º, speed 2.Add the yeast and beat 12 minutes in speed 6. Pour the flour and knead for 2 minutes at speed spike, put the dough and knead 5 minutes more in speed spike, during this time add the salt by the curb.
Take out the dough and make three equal balls, spread with the roll and make a strip that we will roll on itself (as if we were rolling a gypsy arm, but wide instead of lengthwise). We place it on one end of the mold that we will already oiled with oil, the lid is also greased, and we do the same with the two remaining balls, one placed in the center and one at the other end.
Let it rise about 2 hours, until it doubles its volume, preheat the oven to 220º up and down, put the bread and lower the oven to 200 º, bake about 30 minutes to coming soon.
If we want the soft crust, we wrap it in a cloth and put it in a plastic bag, leaving it until it is cold.Preview